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SCAD affords visitors a variety of ways to explore all that the university has to offer. The admission office will help you design your day to fit your specific interests.

Join us on SCAD Day, our open house event, and experience SCAD for yourself!

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Daily tour

SCAD offers tours in Savannah, Atlanta and Hong Kong for prospective students and their families. Tours are available daily, excluding Sundays, at all SCAD locations.

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Admission events

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕SCAD also offers a number of other options for prospective students and their families to visit and experience SCAD. These events include SCAD Day, which is SCAD’s open house for prospective students and their families.

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Summer programs

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕Prospective students and educators can extend their visit to SCAD through the many pre-college programs and educator events.

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SCAD in your area

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕Attend these admission events taking place near you to learn more about SCAD.

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Virtual tour

Our virtual tour guides are eager to show you more of our locations. Enjoy an inside look into the areas that make SCAD unique.

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欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕SCAD offers art and design degrees on campus and online that provide students the confidence they need to authentically articulate their vision.

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Visiting Savannah?

After exploring everything SCAD has to offer, discover the enchanting soul of the Hostess City. Plan your stay at .



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